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July 01, 2004 - 11:44 AM

Axis: Bold As Love

When I type in Word, I prefer the “print” view.

Cuz it looks like a piece of paper sitting on a desk or something.

I have a road trip ahead. This road trip will involve the suffering and monotonous Hwy 5 in a northbound direction, a pretty girl in the backseat and a handsome man in the front. It will involve seeing just exactly how many hours my new gigantic eyepod can last on a full charge. It most likely will involve naps and snackfood. I’m hoping it will involve girl on girl backseat makeout but the handsome man driver might get distracted and run us into the back of a semi.

That would be bad.

First part of road trip will culminate in seeing my broken-down mother and heading into the City to get into trouble. The last time this trio headed into the City it was all barhopping in North Beach and fallout on Broadway with Blackberry Brandy in a brown paper bag, sex shops, naked women behind glass partitions and three way makeouts in dirty rooms with porn and all not trying to touch the walls funny.

I hope it won’t come to that again.

Phase two of road trip will put us by a body of water with more friends and live music. The last time this trio was at this large body of water with more friends and live music it was all Wheat Thin fights, titty flashing, toe sucking, hot tub chaos, frozen pizza and waking up being spooned by a husband other than my own.

I hope it won’t come to that again.

Road Trip Episode Three will involve an 8 hour straight shot back to So Cal. Speeding against the space-time continuum in order to make it back to see children with sparklers and eat barbeque foodage with family and friends.

Wish me luck I return in one piece to watch the credits roll up up and away.

And be careful not to blow your hand off with an M-80.

If I get any computer access along the way, you’ll know about it.

Miss u.


8 That's so headgear...


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